Kevin George is the CEO of Simply The Purest. He created the nutritional supplement line while fighting a losing battle with type 2 diabetes. He was diagnosed with in 2004 and later, Kevin and his wife, Lovell, learned their young-adult daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease along with chronic disc degeneration. The prognosis was less than hopeful.  Then in September of 2019, his wife Lovell was diagnosed with a different auto-immune disorder.

Kevin George CEO of Simply The Purest.

Rather than succumb to their diseases, Kevin set out on a journey of discovery to find a way to ease their suffering and reverse their prognosis.

He developed Simply The Purest to provide them with all of their nutritional needs in an easy-to-use delivery system that eliminated all the costly supplements he was currently taking. The line contains no sugar making it diabetic friendly. Kevin also included the supplements that would help his daughter in the healing process by adding three different collagen peptide proteins, along with ALA, NAC, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, MCT Oil for energy and so much more.

Kevin is an Executive MBA and holds two master’s certificates in both project management and search engine optimization (SEO). You’re invited to join Kevin and his family on a journey to better health and energy with Simply The Purest.

Together, the Ultra Nutritional Beverage line provides the nutritional supplement you and your family need. We can create health. We can make a difference, one person and one family at a time.

Simply The Purest

In addition to creating Simply The Purest for people like you, we have purposed to provide nutrition for hungry children and adults internationally. We will do this by giving 5% of our profit to people affected by war, famine and diseases such as HIV/AIDS in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. 

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Help us bring HOPE to those who need it the most.