KapVista has arrived with one single mission – Bring change to the start-up ecosystem!

We value founders who are creating the companies that usher a new future of possibilities, cutting edge technologies, the latest and greatest innovations for real-world solutions.

New companies are first in line for a unique stack of resources and expertise where funding is only part of the solution. In this environment, relationships take centre stage, where founders are connected with the right people, including the smart money to open the doors to markets, manufacturers, industries, opportunities, or the missing piece for their next stage.

There are very few players who can help emerging companies, start-ups & scale-ups. Until now, there is no central place to find, advisors, directors, board members, co-founders, marketers or developers. KapVista will fill this significant gap in the market, and become the necessary bridge for companies to scale.

KapVista is a global platform for private opportunities, which showcases emerging companies, across more than 15 countries to over 15,000 sophisticated & professional investors, including family offices and an array of industry participants.

Private companies will be able to showcase their opportunity to a world of potential investors!

Meet our CEO and Founder –  Daniel Hallawi

Daniel would tell you, ‘its important to follow your passion’. After leaving a successful career in the corporate world, he has found startups world fascinating.

His passions for building relationships, innovations and cutting edge technologies have found the perfect unity where his days are spent connecting with teams that are on the front line of their industries.

Daniel created Kapvista as his response to the massive disconnect between founders and investors. He found that there was nowhere to go for founders to connect to the resources they need to grow.

With over half a decade of experience, Daniel is now igniting startups with his ‘personal’ networks and connecting deals on a global scale. Kapvista is the way Daniel can create serendipity for your investment opportunity to a personally selected list of community members.

Daniel Hallawi CEO Kapvista