208 Seed Ventures (2SV) is an early-stage fund with a technology focus in transportation, robotics, AR/VR, IoT, and biotech, providing smart capital and resources for companies with big ideas to accelerate growth.
Green Egg Ventures invests in early-stage software companies. By combining best investment practices with an industry that statistically outperforms the market, we are able to maximize returns by investing optimally despite operating in a risky space.
Untapped Capital is a $10m seed stage VC investing in startups founded by undernetworked founders in the US. Whereas most seed stage VCs rely on referrals and offer opportunities to well-networked founders, Untapped Capital fills a market gap to proactively seek, find, and invest in under-networked founders.
1517 Fund II is a $40m fund with a mission to identify and invest in extraordinary talent early, focusing on top tier returns, making history, and collaboration. The fund backs founders at the earliest stages of their careers and companies including pre-seed and seed rounds.
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Victoria Venture Fund is an India-focused $30M venture fund that will locate, invest and support high-potential SaaS founder ► capitalising on the India SaaS industry, expected to reach $13-15 billion by 2025.

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