Aurora Aerial

Headquarters Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Stage Seed
Company Size 11-50 Employees

Vision Statement:
We strive to empower clients in automating their existing workflows.

Mission Statement:
We automate last-mile work processes with emerging green technology.

Aurora Aerial is a Canadian custom drone manufacturing solution that develops hardware and software technology. Our team offers unparalleled service by working with you from your customized solution’s inception and supporting you throughout your lease. Feel at ease as you interact with our intuitive software, knowing that our system is both simple to use and easy to maintain. Enjoy the system’s efficiency: travel up to 68 minutes at 72km/h, stay below 25kg while carrying up to 9kg, and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Our drone system reliably carries the heaviest time-sensitive payload the furthest distance in the industry, reducing your costs and providing a better delivery experience.