By Kevin George MBA, CEO of Simply The Purest

In a day and age where brick and mortar, and online stores, are filled with nutritional products of every kind, we can confidently ask the question, “Do we really need another nutritional brand?” In this article, I seek to explore this very question.

Consumers are inundated with tens of thousands of nutritional products and thousands of nutritional product brands. Products range from pills and capsules to powders and drinks to snacks and bars, and beyond. It is apparent that there is no lack of imagination and product creators. The market appears to be saturated. But is it? Consumer Reports (November 2019) estimates that over 90% of the American population over the age of eighteen years of age take a nutritional supplement weekly or many, daily. Revenue is projected to surpass $50,000,000,000 within the next few years with no end in sight. And as technology advances, creators and manufacturers are able to formulate nutritional products which exceed yesterday’s expectations. While the savvy consumer is demanding more, technology from flavor development to potency to texture and, even packaging is moving at a faster rate.

Currently, nutraceutical products are lacking in the areas of convenience, affordability, potency, taste and texture. These nutraceuticals are inconvenient in that the consumer is required to buy numerous bottles of vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals. A person could purchase 10 products per month and ingest handfuls of pills and capsules daily. This inconvenience, and tremendous expense, leads to a lack of adherence to a wellness regimen. It’s simply not affordable for many people. A consumer can spend $100 to $200 or more per month on supplements only to find they are inconvenient. They sit on a kitchen counter and are not consumed. The only benefit is a one-time sale. There is no nutritional benefit to the buyer and no business benefit to the manufacturer.

The solution is prepared products that make nutritional supplementation convenient. By combining multiple products into one formula, products become easier to manage and usually more affordable. These prepared products are typically in the form of powders. Think protein shakes, amino acids powdered drinks, etc. These are a step in the right direction when it comes to convenience and adherence. Unfortunately, most of the prepared products currently on the market lack potency. They are not “all-inclusive” leaving out important supplements and the supplements included in the blends are lower potency. This is typically done to save the manufacturer on the cost of goods in the prepared product and to lower the MSRP.

These prepared products can be a great move forward in convenience, expense and potency, but taste and texture are adversely affected. Let’s face it. Powder blends and prepared drinks are thick, chalky and just plain taste bad. They’re convenient. However, the products sacrifice potency, taste and texture.

What’s the solution? It’s time for a brand to develop convenient powder stick packs and grab-n-go beverages that are less expensive per ingredient. Nutraceutical blends that are powerful, giving the consumer adequate nutrition to be truly considered beneficial from a health standpoint. These blends must taste great and have the most pleasant texture.

It’s a lot to ask. But, I’m not asking the industry to change. I’m putting the industry on notice. We are going to disrupt the nutritional supplement industry by producing convenient, powerful, affordable supplements that taste great and have a great texture. The consumer will experience better adherence leading to improved health, and our company will see greater revenue and profits with repeat business.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to disrupt the nutritional supplement and nutraceutical industry. The technology and science is here. Flavor specialists are ready. Manufacturing is capable. All it takes in a few people like me and my team at Simply The Purest.

Everything proposed in this article is ready to launch. Product can be on shelves and online in three to four months. What are we waiting for? An investor with a vision and desire to join us.

It’s time to disrupt. Will you join us?

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