KapVista is a global directory, platform, and investment firm built by founders and investors to provide an avenue to spotlight and distribute investment offerings for early-stage start-ups.

KapVista provides different options for the early-stage start-up community, starting with a free basic profile. We also have paid offerings starting at $39 USD per month to upgrade your profile, giving you the ability to share your pitch deck, video, and investment profile. KapVista also offers an IRaaS (Investor Relations as a Service) package, which provides a hands-on approach to the capital-raising process. For more information, please contact – team@kapvista.com.

All investors will be accredited investors. Typically the accredited investors will be a mix of angel investors, high net worth individuals, family offices, and venture professionals. In addition, many investors will help evangelize your corporation through their worldwide networks and relationships.

The Investors will be associated with Venture Capital funds, Family Offices, Institutional Funds or Angel investors with sophisticated investor certificates or qualifications

There are 3 simple steps that should take you 10 minutes to complete:

Create your account –here
Choose your package
Submit your information

For the basic free profile: your logo, bio, and tags will only be shown. For the paid account: your pitch deck, product video, and summary offering are viewable on the website. However, your specific financials and term sheets will not be available unless you share them directly with the interested investors.

KapVista is an introductory platform and does not provide any advice regarding the capital raise; we do not get involved post introduction. KapVista will only share public information and information approved by the founders to release.


You will be able to view the Startup’s Profile, Pitch Deck and Video immediately. Register for access to the founder and current funding documents.

We do not charge our investors to access any deals.

Investors who sign up will be asked basic profile questions and preferences; our team will also contact you to understand your requirements.

From there, you will be given access to our mailing list, directory of start-ups and information about future events and offerings.

Further questions?
Contact team@kapvista.com