What is the Purpose of KapVista?
KapVista was born out of the question “where can I go to find people who can help my start up grow?”
From there the task of building a central marketplace to find capital, advisors, board members, co founders, developers, marketers, PR, Lawyers, accountants and more was put into action using the networks and relationships built up over the last 13 years from the founding team.
Why should I use KapVista over other players in the market?
KapVista was designed to be both simple to use and cost effective, being deep in the industry for the last 5 years we have seen too many companies get taken advantage of and waste money on unnecessary fees and the low entry point means KapVista is Early stage company friendly!
“There has to be someone in the market who can get my opportunity in front of interested potential investors and also be able to connect me with resources who can help me scale”
How does KapVista get paid?
KapVista charges a flat fee for service depending on the services you would like to engage.
KapVista does not charge a success fee, take equity or take any commission on capital raise as that would create a bias between the companies in the KapVista network
Who is in the KapVista Ecosystem?
Over the last 13 years the team at KapVista have connected and built relationships with anyone who can help start-ups scale and grow, from Wholesale, Sophisticated, professional investors, HNWI, Family Offices and C-Suite individuals who would like to offer both capital and expertise to help companies grow.
Participants from across the globe are looking at the innovation space wanting to see and be apart of what it next