Having been in the start-up and capital raising space for 6+ years now, I have learned quite a bit about how to raise capital and how to connect with investors, and I love sharing my experiences with founders who are wanting to learn. 

Generally, investors are looking at hundreds of deals a month, having initial conversations with a handful and considering 3-4 opportunities.

If you are looking to compete, you need to stand out and find a way to create serendipity, the right moment with the right investor.

There are famous stories of investors missing out on unicorns because the deal sat in the junk box or it came via an unsolicited email, and that crucial was email was subsequently filed without further thought. 

Founders, who are in capital raising mode must do everything they can to be noticed, which brings me to ask, what are you doing to get your opportunity out to the right audience and be seen?

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