Latest Company Update within the KapVista Ecosystem

One of our clients within KapVista Ecosystem has almost closed its Seed round for their investment opportunity and is seeking someone to fill in one slot remaining. Delivered by a team of industry experts who have collectively participated in 4 exits and designed products that have generated $1B+ in sales, this is a unique opportunity to fill in the last space remaining.

HUSH Smoke investment opportunity: last USD $100,000 remaining

  • HUSH created the world’s first patented device to eliminate ash, odor and second-hand smoke.
  • HUSH’ team is 95% complete in the raise and seeking someone to fill in the one slot remaining for that amount (with preference given to those investing in the form of one check for the remainder from one individual).

HUSH is positioned to be the leading consumer product to provide a game-changing solution, with their pre-sale campaign securing $425,000 in LOIs, and shipping starting in Q1 2021.

If you’d like to speak to HUSH’ Team about this opportunity, request an intro here.

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