Investment Dealflow Within The KapVista Ecosystem

Here are some of the most promising deals that came across our desk and in conversations with investors last week.

Meridian Cardiovascular Systems: a US-based company that is developing advanced treatment devices for cardiovascular disease.

► seeking USD 4.5M to complete the development of its treatment system. The MCS technology aims to make both traumatic bypass surgery as well as stent usage largely obsolete by safely and effectively removing arterial plaque deposits. As such, it represents a disruptive departure from current treatment options.

▌replaces open heart surgery (painful, costly, potential for severe complications, long recovery times)

▌IP protected by 6 U.S. patents and a 7th one pending,
▌also been issued patents internationally.

▌operating in a large and expanding medical market,
▌highly experienced team.

The MCS approach leaves no hardware in the artery, causes no damage to the arterial wall, treats effectively asymmetric plaque and can be used several times without adverse effects if restenosis occurs. This is a unique opportunity to be strongly considered by those interested in investing while advancing the-state-of-the-art in medicine.

► Register interest in MCS.

The iPaaS sector is experiencing significant global growth, offering a high returns opportunity.

Australia-based Werkflo builds software products to integrate business data and add workflow automation. Werkflo has a strong pipeline of over $10M in new business, highly experienced Board and Management Team and will list on a major global stock exchange within 18- 24 months. ► Register interest in Werkflo.

An opportunity to lead disruption in the eyewear and mobile accessories industries.

ForgetSPECS developed an innovative patent-pending nanotech solution by embedding tiny prescription lenses into a thin layer of film that sits on top of your smart device, like a screen protector, enabling people to use their smart devices without glasses. 200ft of continuous screen protectors have been manufactured so far.
► Register interest in ForgetSPECS.

HUSH Smoke seek the last remaining USD 100k

HUSH created the world’s first patented device to eliminate ash, odor and second-hand smoke. HUSH’ team is 95% complete in the raise and seeking someone to fill in the one slot remaining for that amount (with preference given to those investing in the form of one check for the remainder from one individual).

► Register interest in HUSH Smoke’s last 100k slot.

If you have any questions about any of the above offers, let us know.

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