Latest companies in the KapVista Ecosystem from the medical space

As we’re heading towards the end of the year, our Ecosystem is picking up the speed with new exciting investment opportunities. In 2020, we welcomed more than 30 clients with their capital raise offers and met countless fantastic founders. Here are some that might interest you:

Project Orbital

Project Orbital is an opportunity to invest in the renewable energy market in South Asia. Seeking USD $71M part of their Series C raise.

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Aerial AI

Aerial AI pioneers the future of trading with their trading software backed with AI and Machine Learning to improve trading results. Seeking AUD $1M part of their Series A raise.

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MediKane, a natural food-based health product provider, introduces 2 new products to respond to increasing sales growth & demand

Serving both the industrial B2B market with Sugarkane Flour and B2C retail market with KaneFibre, MediKane rolled out the production of the two products this month to asnwer the increasing demand in the market. 
Sales doubled each year for MediKane for the last 3 years without investment in marketing, and the company is on track for Revenue circa $1.5M.

Crysp Intelligence: raising $8M

      • Owns and manages CryspIQ product used to prepare, connect, centralize, and simplify all data across an entire organization.
      • A flexible licensing model based on usage (volume) and lends itself to all organizations (small, medium, or large).
      • A global strategy has been developed to take CryspIQ worldwide and capture 10% of the market.

Ecosystem news

180 Markets Team speaks with Jeff Ong, MD of Flexiroam, pioneering worldwide contactless payments. Highlighting the recent trends in IT & Telecommunications and how they’re linked to the travel industry, the interview shines a light on the demand for flexible travel bookings, multi-country flexi data plans for mobiles, and

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