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As 2020 nears its end, many investors are thinking ahead to the new year and what it might hold for the stock market. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that there’s certainly no way to predict what will happen with the markets or anything else for that matter. Having said that, we’re excited to be following the founding journeys for some fantastic companies and business ideas that are looking to raise capital with the help of our networks as we’ve seen their progress and results so far, building confidence for their even better outlook next year. Here are some that might interest you.

  • flagship solar power plant storage cost is less than half that of comparable projects ($300/kWh)
  • creates 99.9% less e-waste than typical panels and batteries
  • will deliver a 14% market share of Australian non-pumped hydro grid storage.
Raising $25M equity offering to enable further growth of the offering.
RayGen is one of Australia’s leading companies for DeepTech and commercialisation, holding a world record for solar system efficiency.

Crysp Intelligence, an AI solution to organize and simplify data

If you know the pain point of spending hours collating data from different business departments and organizing it within your central CRM and a countless number of spreadsheets, the team behind Crysp is raising $8M to develop & deliver a product that acts very similar to a translator with infinite knowledge of all languages and can deliver information in the native tongue of the receiver seamlessly allowing them to understand completely what is being said.

Their offered solution, CIntelligence, is a new way to collect and organize all business data, making it accessible, understandable, and analyzable to help companies derive insights quicker. Each year, we’re generating more and more data – in fact, more data was generated in the last two years than in the entire human history before that, yet surprisingly, 99.5% of collected data never gets used or analyzed.

Register interest for Crysp Intelligence here.

Independent Gaming has enjoyed a leading position in the gaming & entertainment industry since its establishment back in 1985. A contract to design a circuit board for the TAB in 2001 has started their journey in manufacturing, and today IG enjoys a competitive advantage as the inventor of FLEXILINK jackpot systems and FLEXINET TITO system (the reprintable ticket system). As of today, IG plans to continue their R&D and lab testing of new products and commence 4 new projects and a new gaming machine.

► 35 successful years in the industry,
► all manufacturing licenses in place, strong focus on R&D, patents in place or pending
► global gaming industry, estimated by 2022, growing at 5.9% annually
► a variety of target clients: casinos, licensed clubs, hotels, retail
► a wide range of products incl. the world’s leading jackpot system and a slot machine
► assets held in the products

Independent Gaming requires additional funding of $AU6.2 million to achieve goals and will offer an equity position and/or convertible note. With a strong track record and an innovative mindset, IG’s investment offer is worth mentioning!

Register interest in Independent Gaming’s offer here.

If you have any questions regarding RayGen, Crysp, or Independent Gaming, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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