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One of the industries attracting increasingly more attention in terms of investment is one that has become vital to our daily routines, permeating consumer buying decisions, spending habits, and purchasing patterns. The wellness industry now represents 5.3% of global economic output and according to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), is projected to grow to $180 billion by 2022, growing by 6% annually in the next several years, cutting across sectors ranging from personal care to real estate and more. 
Our team was no exception to notice this global megatrend, and naturally, a number of select investment offers have caught our attention.

Quitta: raising A$2.25M to develop fastest-acting nicotine inhaler to quit smoking

• pre-money A$6M
• target exit to pharma <5 years
• double the efficacy of nicotine patches
• can be used discreetly with no smoke
• pharma-grade nicotine
• future roadmap for a supporting mobile app to personalise one’s quit plan

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Tiller Rides: raising A$3.375M to manufacture and distribute innovative ebikes

• pre-money A$6.8M
• share price A$1.50
• completed two Seed rounds
• built and road-tested 6 beta test bikes
• estimated turnover $250 million
• ready to commence production in 2021
• Perth launch in May, Melbourne in Oct

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HUSH Smoke
raising U$1.5M

HUSH Smoke is developing a patented device to eliminate ash, odor, and second-hand smoke from tobacco and cannabis.
Delivered by a team of industry experts who have collectively participated in 4 exits and designed products that have generated $1B+ in sales, HUSH has so far generated huge interest among investors and will start shipping in 2021.

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Alongside wellness, gaming industry is becoming a lifestyle

Esports is a booming global industry with over 380 million people watching esports worldwide both online and in person. More people watched the 2016 world finals of popular esports game League of Legends (43 million viewers) than the NBA Finals Game 7 that year (31 million viewers). Revenues are projected to reach $1.5 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR (2015-2020) of 35.6%.

One of the exciting opportunities in this space part of our portfolio is GLITCH, raising A$6M with a mission to build gaming communities servicing a wide range of users – competitive teams, team managers, streamers, broadcasters, and fans.

► positioned to be a first-mover in the industry,
► dual business model to incorporate both online and offline worlds.
► multiple revenue streams,
► exclusive IP and experience of XP Esports for event management.
► strong projections,
► site secured in with schemes designed by world-renouned architects (Populous).

A next-generation AI Robo advisor platform to the everyday investor

Unhedged, raising A$1,000,000 to bring hedge fund returns to the everyday investor.
• Unhedged algorithm had a Sharpe ratio of 0.51 and produced a return (CAGR) of 30.5% over the last 2 years,
• Built trading backend and launched trading with founders’ funds,
• designed the frontend, implemented orchestration API, created the data pipeline,
• outperforming its competitors (projected Gross revenues $2.1M in FY 21-22),
• Large market: +$1T self-directed investors in Australia alone. Capturing 0.7% market share would result in $1.6B under management and $38M revenue.
Delivered by a team of seasoned industry experts with a CEO who previously built and exited several B2C & B2B companies, an ex-Google, supported by a COO with over 10 years in Management Consulting in Financial Risk Management, 5 years in Capital Management. 
If you have any questions about any of the above offers, let us know.

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