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As we’re heading into 2021, we’re keeping tabs on a number of trends in the capital raising space, and one of the ways to spot promising investment offers is by looking at the impact a product can have on daily lives of its users:

“…I felt less anxiety…”
                              “The cramping pain was constant… I no longer need to take ibuprofen.”
                                             “Also noticed physically any aches and pains in areas like back 
                                                and legs are eased a lot”
                                                            “The intolerance of different foods, especially gluten and
                                                                     dairy foods has improved significantly”
                                                                  “…I’d cruised through my day with plenty of energy.”

To enable thousands of customers to go about their daily activities, Bioactive Laboratories have developed Khapregesic®, a fast-acting non-drug alternative to relieve period pain and pain from associated conditions (Endometriosis and PCOS), with additional observed benefits: sleep quality improvement, anxiety reduction, and an array of PMS symptoms alleviated.

Bioactive Laboratories: raising A$2M

● controls the entire supply chain from plantation to finished product with IP and trade secrets protection;
● clinically tested & regulatory approved;
● 1.17B women globally suffer “period pain”, giving the target market of 690M;
● 100+ Customers & Resellers, 87k+ Ad reach, 63k+ organic reach per week and growing.

Register interest in Bioactive Laboratories. Bioactive Laboratories is a carbon positive company, addressing 4 of the UN sustainable development goals: Gender Equality, Biodiversity, Health and Climate Change. After registering, please download the company’s ESG document to discover more.

Tackling the Issue of Food Waste Globally

n recent months, investors’ focus shifted towards the social impact and addressing the environmental crisis. An estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally each year; tackling this issue not only responds to the ESG factors but also helps to close the loop in the food industry, bringing the unutilised resources back into the chain. Two opportunities that address this issue are Extracta and Meals In Minutes. Despite representing different market segments, geographies, and business models, the two address the same market gap of food waste being an unutilised resource, therefore portraying its ubiquitousness and widespread applicability.

Meals In Minutes: tackling food waste at the start of the chain, a fast-growing producer & distributor of healthy ready-to-cook meals.

Malaysia-based Meals in Minutes deliver portioned and ready-to-cook meals using all-natural ingredients, with no additives, GMOs, artificial substances. The purpose is to simplify cooking and shorten preparation times for hectic lifestyles, disrupting the food & beverage retail landscape. MiM is HACCP, HALAL, and GMP approved.


Extracta – addressing food waste recycling at the end of the chain, converting food waste to reclaim valuable plant ingredients.

Extracta developed a process to reclaim valuable plant ingredients from farming waste, in order to produce and sell high-value products from agricultural waste and allowing multiple waste streams to be treated at strategic locations, using technologies that achieve economies of scale and mitigates availability problems of feedstocks due to seasonal factors.

▌Raising USD $1M,
▌fully operational in Malaysia, successfully launched in Singapore in Dec 2020, and in talks with distributors in Korea,
▌won a contract to supply all SHELL outlets in Malaysia,
▌an early mover with strong competitive advantages: food is not pre-cooked, and the variety of cooking methods gives the customer an adaptable product.

Register interest in MiM here.

▌Raising AUD $1.5M,
▌signed production & supply agreement with Tamburlaine, a major Australian wine company, to offer high-quality food ingredients under an organic label,
▌extensive selling and agent networks in Asia and the USA,
▌will receive ‘Fight Food Waste’ Cooperative Research Centre Grant this year to a total value of A$500,000.

Register interest in Extracta here.

Getting Healthier and Feeling Better

People around the globe are getting healthier not only thanks to the advancements in medicine, but also lifestyles changes and recognising wellbeing as the holistic approach to health. Marrying individual wellbeing with environmental impact, the value of the global e-bike market is expected to grow at around 7.49% per annum for the following 5 years to be worth more than $22 billion USD by 2025.

Tiller Rides is an Australian-based startup that developed the Roadster, the first electric bike that not only has everything that an e-bike should have (and more – keyless locking, GPS alarm and tracking, built-in LED lights) but also looks great! Tiller are executing the last capital raise (A$3,375,000) prior to revenue, as their first bikes will hit the Australian market in just under 6 months time.

► If you’re looking to invest in 2021 in a local company with a sustainable vision to enable people to reduce the CO2 footprint, register interest in Tiller Rides here.

If you have any questions about any of the above offers, let us know.

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