Latest Company Updates Within the KapVista Ecosystem

Since we launched back in 2019, KapVista Ecosystem grew not only with new team members but also with a variety of different deals across industries, capital raising stages, and different types of problems they are solving.

We wanted to share with you some of the most promising ones.

Series A deals

Aerial AI

Developing an AI-powered trading software enabling trading with improved results.

  • raising AUD 1M
  • NASDAQ 100 Index result showed a profit of $122,542 on an initial amount of

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Meals In Minutes

Delivers portioned and ready-to-cook meals using all-natural ingredients.

  • raising USD 1M
  • won private label contract with SHELL to supply over 600 stations; launched in Malaysia and Singapore.

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An online solution to easily view and access structured portfolios of securities.

  • raising AUD 1.1M
  • PwC as a share holder, software partner signed up, pilot product launched and an algorithm ready.

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Seed deals

HUSH Smoke

Created the world’s first patented device to eliminate ash, odor and second hand smoke.

  • raising USD 1.5M
  • pre-sale campaign secured $425,000 in LOIs, shipping starts Q1 2021.

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Tiller Rides

Rolling out modern e-bikes in the Australian market in Q2 2021 while reducing their impact on the planet.

  • raising AUD 3.3M
  • completed equity crowdfunding round, reached 200 pre-sales target (750k)

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Bioactive Laboratories

Developed Khapregesic®, a fast-acting non-drug alternative to relieve pain from various conditions.

  • raising AUD 2M
  • controls the entire supply chain, with IP & trade-secret protection.

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An end-to-end platform for booking accommodation, removing all middlemen and additiaonal costs.

  • raising GBP 2M
  • website ranked #1 out of 23mllion results on Google.

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A one-stop ecommerce research platform that allows users to research and purchase products.

  • raising USD 1M
  • over 4k registered users on the platform and 40+ affiliate partners

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Developed a nicotine metered-dose inhaler that manages cravings quickly, safely, and discreetly.

  • raising AUD 2.2M
  • double the efficacy of patches, and acts 3x faster than its closest competitor.

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If you have any questions about any of the above offers, let us know.

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