Latest companies in the KapVista Ecosystem from the medical space

As the global markets are picking up pace recovering from the pandemic, amidst the crisis, a number of high-potential opportunities arise in the e-commerce and entertainment sectors. The former gains momentum with social distancing measures as consumers prefer to shop online, whereas the latter compliments on current people’s needs for entertainment whilst working away from the office. One opportunity I’m especially excited about is Meteor17’s raise to back Spencer Proffer working on the Netflix documentary about Elvis.

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a one-stop-shop ecommerce platform to discover, research, and purchase products all on one site, raising $2M.


Opportunity to invest in music producer Spencer Proffer creating documentaries on famous musicians and their songs. Raising $2.5M.

Independent Gaming

Delivering gaming systems and leading the field with cutting-edge technology innovations and COVID-19 solutions. Raising $6.2M.

180Markets Team speaks with Andrew Sorensen, Managing Director of WA Kaolin Ltd on the trends in kaolin markets which are able to escape the boom-and-bust cycles in trades and are characterised by lower risk, stable returns.

If you’d like me to arrange a personal introduction to the founding team members of either one of the companies, or to access their Pitch Decks, let me know.