Opportunity to Invest in a Global E-Bike Market

In the modern society in which we live, mobility plays a critical role. With the growing concern for preserving and sustaining it for future generations, protecting the environment is a major challenge for both society and policymakers worldwide. As governments and international organizations worldwide are implementing strict emission regulations to minimize carbon pollution levels, e-bikes are proving to be an ideal solution to the problem.

However, the design of current bikes and e-bikes has seen little innovation in more than 135 years of existence. As a result, they don’t have the features required to make today’s urban riding convenient enough to appeal to most people as a viable form of everyday transport.

Recognizing this widening market gap, the team behind Tiller Rides steps in to deliver an e-bike that overcomes the common barriers to urban riding, with its unrivaled style and all the features urban riders desire, it was born to get everyday people back on a bike.

Julian Illich, Co-Founder & MD notes,

“Despite a growing electric bike market globally, bicycle manufacturers have so far failed to create a stylish ebike that makes urban riding as appealing as taking a car, which is why we felt compelled to step in and service this market.”

To solve this problem, Tiller Bikes has created The Roadster, a disrupter product with unrivaled style and all the features urban riders desire.

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  • Share Price – $1.50 (AUD)
    Maximum Raise – $3.375 Million
  • Pre Money Valuation ~ $6.8 Million (AUD)
  • Completed Equity Crowdfunding Investment (Round 2)
  • Reached 200 Pre-sales target/ 750K

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