Opportunity to invest in a logistics platform filling a gap between shippers and drivers

This year has massively boosted one of the fastest-growing sectors: e-commerce and online shopping. By 2022, e-retail revenues are projected to grow to USD 6.54 trillion, and what follows is the increased demand for logistics and shipment services. According to Bloomberg News, shipping giants like FedEx and UPS have run into a shortage of delivery vans during a record surge in package volumes last month.
The reported shortage came ahead of a holiday shopping season that strained big shippers. Some 86 million packages are estimated to have been shipped between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but carriers only had the capacity to deliver about 79 million, the Wall Street Journal reported last month, citing estimates from shipping data firm ShipMatrix. That said, the shortage in shipping capacity is not limited to holiday shopping nor the result of COVID-19. The challenge has worsened over the past several years and there is no indication that it will abate any time soon.

Recognizing this widening market gap, the team behind Loadchief created a logistics marketplace solution placed in the last-mile delivery segment. The software works by providing ready-to-go professional drivers whenever they are needed – connecting reputable courier companies with credentialed, independent delivery drivers to provide on-demand delivery through a digital marketplace – the ultimate solution for the rapidly emerging next phases of the final-mile deliveries in the post-coronavirus economy.

Loadchief is currently raising $5M USD in two tranches of $2.5M and $2.5M to sustain its growth. The offer has been bootstrapped to an initial raise of $125k and has built up momentum since their 2019 launch:
Loadchief Platform is fully functional and actively being used in California, with integrations to a vetting platform allowing seamless onboarding of new drivers;
Servicing 3 segments of Shippers, Drivers, who are servicing Customers, providing a ready source of credentialled drivers and delivery jobs;
Regulatory-compliant not only in California but throughout the U.S. and in less regulated economies;
Recurring SaaS revenue stream results in a predictable financial model,
Multiple exit options from highly acquisitive buyers.
Exclusive partnership with the Association for Delivery Drivers allows the Loadchief Platform to be integrated with the A4DD platform and source drivers directly from there;
Large available market: in the 12 months of the pre-launch test phase, and including 8 months during Covid-19, there were 366 active Drivers (plus over 600 pending), 979 completed deliveriesgross revenue of $58.7K, and net revenue of about $10.2K; In December of 2020 alone, 320 deliveries occurred and one very last-minute demand on Christmas eve within 1 hour of posting and Loadchief worked flawlessly;
Established key relationships for growth in 2021.

Management Team

Loadchief is backed with a fantastic team of founders with a breadth of experience:

▪ Founders with 35+ yrs in the carrier logistics sector and in the business legal landscape, and 25+ yrs of experience in business leadership and strategic planning.

Advisory Board

Supported with a strong Advisory Board, spearheading the delivery of the vision:

▪ AB consisting of global business thought leaders, economists, logistics experts, incl a Silicon Valley lawyer with 20+ yrs experience consulting public and private companies on growth strategies.

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  • Raising: USD $5M
  • Investment may be in the form of convertible debt or direct equity.
  • Industry: Final Mile Logistics
  • Tags: SaaS, marketplace
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