Opportunity to Invest in an AI-Backed Open Banking Solution to Put the Power of Pricing in Customers Hands

As our personal finances are fragmented into individual transactions, often across multiple accounts, at a number of institutions, finding a path through this fragmented landscape can be uncertain and difficult.

According to Royal London Survey 2017, 57% of the consumers admitted that they were not very good at keeping on top of their cash flow. Yolt study in 2018 says that only 20% of British consumers have visibility of several accounts in a single app, even though 70% of British consumers are performing some sort of financial management using their smartphones. This figure increases to 89% for millennials born in the ’80s and ’90s.

One of KapVista’s Ecosystem Clients, BlackArrow, has the agility, technology and team to deliver further innovation and greater disruption, filling in this market gap and is seeking GBP 3M to continue their growth into a Neo-Bank by 2023 with their eye on servicing multiple, markets, currencies and products.

BlackArrow Financial Solutions

►raising GBP 3M
BlackArrow fills in the gap in the market by providing financial mentorship that empowers its consumers. Harnessing the power of AI in a user-friendly mobile app, BlackArrow customers can easily collate, analyze and understand their income and spending, enabling them to set achievable goals and realise their lifestyle aspirations.

BlackArrow’s investment opportunity is backed by strong growth projections allowing the delivery of their future roadmap which includes expanding into both the FinTech and RegTech streams, with AI and Machine Learning developments added to the solution. Further competitive advantages include:

▌an all-in-one solution for everyday users to view all their accounts in one place for better insight,

▌ CEO with 6+ yrs experience across FinTech & RegTech and 20+ yrs in banking & technology sectors,

▌scaling rapidly across the UK with key partnerships and relationships (Brokers, Advisors, Retail Property Outlets),

▌proven business model: successful compliance use case and customer implementation in Australia.

If you’d like to request to see BlackArrow’s Pitch Deck or speak with their team, click to register interest on the button above or reply directly to this email to speak with our team.

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