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It is known that everyday investors underperform the S&P500 by 42%. Many are drawn to investing with low-cost Robo-Advisers that generate below average results. As a result, they cannot invest in advanced instruments or hedge funds and are therefore robbed from above-average returns. To help to solve this problem, Unhedged developed an app-based experience that allows everyday investors to assign their money to advanced AI trading algorithms to access higher performance, equipping investors with the tools of hedge funds and the opportunity to achieve an annual return of 15%+ while limiting losses to less than 6%.


Unhedged is positioned as a low cost, high performance automated AI investment platform.
The majority of fees will only be charged when the platform overperforms the benchmark and set a new high-water mark.Unhedged’s models indicate that will occur around 45% of all months in a diversified portfolio.



Raising $1M

▌Powerful AI-based algorithms within the app to boost performance;

▌Outperforming its competitors (projected Gross revenues $2.1M in FY 21-22)

▌Sold 700K worth of subscriptions through a third party based on an SMS version of one of the algorithms.

▌Pre-seed fundraising oversubscribed.

▌Over the past 2 years, an equal assignment to each Unhedged algorithm had a Sharpe ratio of 0.51 and produced a return (CAGR) of 30.5%.

▌ Built trading back-end and launched trading with founders’ funds.

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