The medical sector globally, and in Australia is evolving

Last year, the 2019 report by The Melbourne Institute (Applied Economic & Social Research) identified a number of trends impacting the Australian healthcare industry, notably how technology holds the potential and promise for increasing productivity of workers and improving information flows.

The report correctly predicted that private medical practices might respond to increased competition through consolidation, though this could reduce consumer choice and raise prices as competition falls. One of KapVista’s Ecosystem Clients, Aurora Medical Group (AMG) capitalizes on this very market gap.


Aurora Medical Group (AMG) is redefining the medical industry in Australia by acquiring and consolidating up to 100 medical clinics over 5 years.

    • AMG’s offer gains momentum as the company has identified over 400 opportunities across Australia,
    • applying their business expertise to implement strategic growth plans, provide a consistently high level of service, and to eliminate the key aggravations that inhibit the profitability of so many independent and doctor-lead clinics.

As improvements in patient-centric care remains a top trend in healthcare, with patients demanding more sophisticated, convenient, transparent, affordable, and personalized service, Aurora’s offer is not also timely, but set for success to capitalize on the most recent innovations in this space.

If you’d like me to arrange a personal introduction to the founding team members or to access their Pitch Deck for more information, Register your interest in Aurora here.



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