In the last weeks, we welcomed new clients from the medical sector on board that further enrich KapVista’s Ecosystem. It is an exciting and growing investment space, as the global medical device and diagnostic industry, valued at more than $100 billion, is growing rapidly. Growth is driven by the increasing affluence of developed and developing countries, longer life expectancy, and demand for a higher quality of life.

Nu-Life Solutions (Nu-Life USA)

a pharmaceutical company seeking $6M, providing an effective solution to pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness

Auroa Medical Group (AMG)

a company working to redefine the cosmetic medical industry in Australia, raising $3M to fuel its growth

Meridian Cardiovascular Systems (MCS)

a medical device company seeking $4.5M investment, developing a novel treatment for cardiovascular disease

Oxygen Healing Chambers (OHC) and Healing Chambers International (HCI) 

OHC is a provider of accessible and affordable specialised hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment centres, seeking $2.6M.
HCI is a manufacturer of the hyperbaric chambers, seeking $2M to launch chamber manufacturing in the U.S. and sell chambers internationally.

MediKane delivers clinically proven, natural treatment for diabetes that prevents the condition from progressing.

raising $2.5M to grow revenues in several key markets, enabling an increase in manufacturing capacity, developing the product pipeline and gaining a foothold in key markets.

If you’d like me to arrange a personal introduction to the founding team members of either one of the companies, or to access their Pitch Decks, let me know.