Latest opportunities within KapVista's Ecosystem

This month we welcomed a number of new clients joining our Ecosystem, each opportunity looking to capitalize on markets growing exponentially, with a promise of high returns.

Housemates | raising £2M

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  • Developing a SaaS platform for booking student accommodation.
  • Saving time and money in an industry where US$180 billion is spent globally.
  • Key supply & demand partnerships established and over 100k units of supply (bed spaces).
  • servicing 6 major student cities across the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

Nu-Life Solutions | raising $6M

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  • Developing a non-pharmaceutical wearable medical device (Nu-V3) to relieve symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness.
  • Product development complete, extensive production capacity, supply links secured.

Meteor 17: investment opportunity to support Elvis Documentary

One of the opportunities that came across our desk in very exciting entertainment space is a $2.5M share investment opportunity to support filmmaker Steve Binder partnering with music producer Spencer Proffer and Meteor 17 team, backed with a number of strong proof points:

  • Steve Binder, who produced and directed the Elvis Comeback Special, is an official and contracted consultant to Baz Luhrmann AND Warner Bros on the making of the movie.
  • Baz Luhrmann wrote the very special Foreword on Steve Binder’s forthcoming book on the making of the Elvis Comeback Special. The documentary will bring the book to life.
  • The most successful theater event in the world in 2018 was produced by Proffer, who is producing the documentary. “The making of the Elvis Comeback Special” Gross: $2.35M in two nights in 32 countries (worldwide current relevance of Elvis); 227,450 people attended in 2,382 theaters.

Meteor17 and Rodan Productions will produce a 90-minute feature documentary which will give insight into the making of the Special and bring the Binder book alive.

Producer-director Steve Binder on set with Elvis Presley during the shooting of Presley’s “1968 Comeback Special.”
(Steve Binder Archives)

Meteor 17 Investment Offer gains momentum as its filmmaker Steve Binder takes part in an interview with Rolling Stones. Binder and his project partner Spencer Proffer, a music industry veteran, are planning a series of activities over the next year highlighting the “Comeback Special” and Binder’s role in its creation. Binder is hoping the film reaches a new audience when the special gets a theatrical release this month to mark its 50th anniversary. Fathom Events will screen the film on August 16th and 20th at various theaters around the world.

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Updates on progress within our Ecosystem

MediKane| raising $2.5M

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  • Enjoyed continued Sales Growth through existing retail outlets: sales returned to pre-Covid19 levels and continue to grow.
  • The Founding Team invested in 3 digital platforms that delivered excellent outcomes ($5.00 revenue for each $1.00 spent).
  • Gains momentum signing new partners and securing new customer segments.
  • Pallets of NutriKane D are now shipped to the U.S. where it is being distributed by an agent active in proven non-drug treatments, MediKane’s sweet spot.

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