You know the story of your business better than anyone. 

When you start a business, you are confident in what you are offering. To master a pitch, you must convince others to believe in your idea; many entrepreneurs find this the hardest part of setting up a business.

Before you share your story, make sure you know it. What made you decide to start your business? What is the solution you offer? Who are your most loyal customers? By just answering these three questions, you have already set yourself a solid base for your story.

 “Always deliver more than expected” – Larry Page

Don’t shy away from the challenges facing your business. Demonstrating to investors that you have researched the potential drawbacks shows that you have thoroughly analysed your market and have anticipated any potential problems. 

While the investor wants to know your story, make sure it isn’t a novel. Keeping your explanation short and sweet makes sure you don’t lose your audience’s attention. 

Having a one-line response to the question ‘What is your business?’ allows you to have a pre-prepared concise answer. 

At KapVista we want to help you tell your story. 

Get in touch with me to get to know more and strategize your next move.

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