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Liberty Technologies LTD
Liberty Technologies Ltd will be supplying Medical Kiwi with the medicinal cannabis inhaler device once the New Zealand company is in production.

Medicinal cannabis products are just a legalisation away since New Zealand company, Medical Kiwi has partnered with two overseas companies.

The Nelson-based business, Medical Kiwi, has signed exclusive deals with UK distributors Liberty Herbal Technologies Ltd, producer of medicinal cannabis inhaler technology and Vitality CBD Limited, which has a full range of CBD (cannabidiol) products. 

Medical Kiwi’s chairperson Aldo Miccio, who is setting up the first medicinal cannabis company in Brightwater, in the South Island.

The partnership is in preparation for the medical cannabis facility set to be built in Brightwater in late 2020. 

Medical Kiwi board chair and former Nelson mayor, Aldo Miccio said the steps taken with overseas suppliers were to secure a firm launch pad for the company.

“We’re getting ready to push ‘go’ in New Zealand as soon as the law allows.”

Under current regulations, cannabis can only be grown for research purposes. Miccio said amendments to the bill were expected in December, including how it could be sold, who could sell it and what sort of delivery devices could be used.

One of the partnerships would allow Medical Kiwi to sell Liberty’s herb and paper anti combustion (hapac) inhaler devices in exchange for medicinal cannabis once Medical Kiwi’s facilities were in production.

He said the device’s heat not burn technology meant significantly reduced toxicants and no smoke. It works with ready-to-use medicinal cannabis packaged in measured doses.

Original Article posted by: Stuff.co.nz – Carly Gooch

An artist’s impression of Medical Kiwi’s Brightwater facility.

Meanwhile, the relationship with Vitality CBD, allowed Medical Kiwi to import and sell the UK-based company’s full range of CBD products, including sprays, drops, skin cream, balms, and e-liquids.

The collection is currently sold across the UK including supermarket giant Tesco, one-stop pharmacy chain, Boots and health stores.

The CBD products contain cannabidiols derived from cannabis, and contain no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), meaning they have no psychoactive properties. 

The marijuana plant’s CBD has been shown to decrease pain, inflammation and muscle control problems, as well as improve sleep and appetite, reduce nausea and help psychoactive disorders, without giving a high.

Miccio said the agreements represented significant steps towards the company’s goal of “providing New Zealanders with access to safe, effective medicinal cannabis products as soon as we can”.

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