You know your business, and you know who you are. However, signaling this to others successfully is more tricky.

Barely 7 seconds into a meeting and your potential investor will have already formed a first impression of who you are.

Quick skim through an email, and they will start building their first mental image of you.

So what can you say to grab their interest and stand out? How do you word an email to elicit a response? And what if you happen to sit next to an angel investor during your flight?

Connecting with a (potential) investor can come in multiple forms, contexts, and places. You won’t always be prepared to pitch your business on the spot, however, a warm introduction, genuine interest, or even open body language can go a long way. 

First impressions are long-lasting. You need to make them count.

Even more, they can be pivotal in your success – I recently made a bespoke introduction for a tech founder and a prospective investor worth more than $500m. But, this was met with a cold “copy and pasted” response from the founder, this window of opportunity closed.

In Japanese, there is a saying that roughly translates to ‘reading the air’.
It means being aware of what you’re doing, with whom, and where, putting conscious thought into it. 

There is a skill to ‘reading the air’, being situationally aware, which can get you far in spotting opportunities, making the most of chance encounters, and projecting successful first impressions. 

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