The Case for Convergence | Value of diversity and multi-functional teams

This year, even more so than before, we have found ourselves in a need to adapt and re-adjust our strategies for both day-to-day operations as well as scaling and growth. In that, this year even more so has made a strong case for convergence.

Here is where cross-functional teams from various backgrounds come in, bringing in skills and exeprtise from different departments, spurring diversity and kickstarting innovation. And here, creating discomfort is often where we need to start, forging a collaborative culture of adaptive leadership and learning from one another – be willing to drop our current views and perspective and take on new ones in order to progress.

“Innovation needs diversity (…) it takes relentless leadership to make diversity front and center. It’s uncomfortable to be around people who are different than you, but that discomfort is what needs to be harnessed”


– Joe DeSimone, Founder & CEO of Carbon

Creating a culture of emergent learning is making a case for convergence in your team, which needs to start with, undoubtedly, an open dialogue around inclusion and open-mindedness being the founding pillars of your culture and way of working – otherwise, how many great ideas and fantastic inputs could have been missed just because a team member did not think their ideas were worth considering? Or they decided not to present a rough draft, their work-in-progress, in fears of inferior quality of inputs?

Inclusive, cross-functional teams not only make discomfort the new normal, where constant learning and re-learning is the norm, but also foster employee engagement and keep work interesting. Have a look at your teams and departments and think if it would be worth to switch up their team compositions. 2020 is all about change. Learning how to constantly adapt and be flexible should be the biggest takeaway.