Weekly brief from KapVista’s Ecosystem | Startup advice & growing your business

Successfully raising money is often dependent on a killer pitch and being prepared to answer any questions that come your way. In order to do that, a thorough understanding of your product and the market gap you’re addressing is essential. Here are 7 tips to perfect your pitch and ensure your investment opportunity gets the right exposure.

        1. Keep your presentation within a 20-minute time frame with a total of no more than 10 slides. 
        2. Ensure that each point is concise and include specific details such as financial projections and outlook on future growth when necessary.
        3. Clearly state your objective in the first 30 seconds of your pitch. You’ll want to tell your potential investors why they should give your startup money and how their funds can benefit the company.
        4. Follow the inverted pyramid format for your sales pitch. Start with your broad objective and follow up with steps, details, and evidence to support your claims.
        5. Use storytelling to make your pitch stand out and give your startup a more personal feel while building chemistry with investors.
        6. Try including testimonials or real-life examples, if possible.
        7. Close your presentation with some kind of call to action that encourages potential investors to take the next step.

Importantly, you need to remember that there is no such thing as a “perfect” pitch deck. Pitch decks are continually refined to optimize for the immediate audience to whom the deck is being presented. When pulling together your presentation, consider the tone you want to convey. Nothing is more important in determining the right tone for your audience, and you may choose to be creative to avoid a dry, mind-numbing presentation.

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