In the last couple of months, our team had an opportunity to learn more about the gaming industry and esports, as two of our Clients are raising capital in this exciting space. A great to-watch recommendation that landed in our inbox has been Nich Richardsons’ ABC programme on gaming and esports, who’s speaking to the experts on a variety of topics around how children can lead a healthy gaming life: from online safety and etiquette to the realities of a career in Esports, becoming a YouTuber, and more.

The gap that remains to be filled in this space is enabling aspiring players to “level up” to a professional level, which is not necessarily achieved by purely playing and training online and at home. Players and Teams enhance their skills whilst playing together and competing, and so more needs to be done to build local infrastructure to provide pathways for our current and future gamers.

Looking at where the industry is going, we are surely starting to look at gaming & esports championships career paths, which is likely to revolutionize how we look at this sector and, consequently, the amounts investors are choosing to invest.

Glitch Gaming & Entertainment

A very exciting opportunity that our Team has had a chance to get to know is GLITCH, a company building esports and gaming centers in high-street locations to bridge the gap that disconnects at-home gamers and professional gamers, creating career pathways for participants.



Register interest for GLITCH here.

Raising $6M with the help of KapVista’s Ecosystem, GLITCH’s competitive advantage lies in a number of factors:

      • A business model that combines both online and offline (on-site) worlds, and joins production with streaming.
      • A network of Games Centres for everyday use, events and competitions, and individual streaming.
      • Centers varying in size and operating on a 24-hours basis.
      • Multiple revenue streams: memberships, casual visits, advertising, sponsorship, and promotions.

ORDER esports

ORDER, Australia’s premier esports brand, is raising a US$ 4.5M equity round to fund the acquisition of an international franchise position in a lucrative esports league.
ORDER fills in the existing market gap by providing state-of-the-art gaming facilities with the best management teams and professional studio spaces for Teams to train.

Independent Gaming

Independent Gaming is supporting gaming systems from Australia to 36 nations, leading the field with cutting-edge technology innovations and touch-free COVID-19 solutions.
With over 35 years in the industry and a lean financial model that does not affect sales, IG’s exports to 35 countries already have their licenses approved and a distribution partner secured.

Part of our vision in KapVista, we aim to create a remotely connected ecosystem for our partners, clients, and connections to inform and educate on the finance and growth options available. If that sounds like something you’d like to know more about, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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