Opportunity to Invest: Biodegradable Future of Coffins and Caskets USD 7M in Two Tranches

One of the great founders we have had the pleasure to get to know is Mike Grehan and his team behind LifeArt, who patented lightweight, low-emission coffins and caskets, for which up to 80% fewer trees are required in production, and up to 87% less greenhouse gas emissions are generated when cremated. Using wood fibre sourced from suppliers accredited by sustainable forestry programs such as PEFC or FSC, containing a mix of virgin, recovered, and recycled fibre, the company’s vision is forward-thinking and expected to become a future industry standard.
As human emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are a primary driver of climate change and present one of the world’s most pressing challenges, this opens a market gap that is addressed by the world’s next-generation coffin produced by LifeArt. 

LifeArt has been building up momentum, originating from Australia and then taking the operations to an international level. China production began in 2013, followed by entry into the UK in 2017 where local councils and authorities looking to tackle this problem as well. Looking forward, LifeArt is looking to expand to North America in the coming new year.

► great outcomes in the UK: proven concept with 7% market share touch after 3 years,
► total turnkey & fully portable manufacturing solution < US $1m
► low-cost manufacturing and logistics system, with a global business model.
► 43 shareholders in total including Mike and Patrick Elliot who both previously carried out IPOs,
► Dan Hughes appointed as business relationship manager to strengthen the UK & Ireland strategy, bringing a breadth of experience in the industry.
► achievement of being “Dragons” from Dragons Den TV Show (2005),
► throughout the pandemic, LifeArt’s dynamic production process achieved working to lead times of no longer than one week.

The roadmap ahead: next move to North America

Interest in manufacturing partnerships with LifeArt across North America is strong, given the persisting market gap – personalisation and green options for coffins and caskets remain minimal in this geography, and the nature of the market is fragmented, making LifeArt’s move to North America logical and supported with the team’s efforts undertaken so far – having built up a strong base of contacts in the U.S., agreed terms with a distributions partner (circa 160,000 units pa manufacturer), and the product being displayed through various local channels.

LifeArt’s team is looking to raise USD 7M in two tranches. If you’d like to participate in this raise, get to know more about terms, or speak with the founding team, register your interest in LifeArt’s investment here.

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