In recent months I started noticing new trends and practices around fundraising that are changing how founders choose, approach, and negotiate with investors. As we’re stepping into 2021 in just under 2 weeks, here are some of them that are here to stay.

▌The choice between a zoom or in-person meeting is starting to depend on what round of fundraising the founders are in. Startups in the pre-seed round might stick with more Zoom meetings in order to conserve resources.
▌Series A fundraisers might have to meet less in person because they have established relationships with their investors, whereas Series B might see more in-person meetings as their business has reached a level of complexity that is difficult to communicate via a deck or video conference.
▌The fastest-growing markets of 2020 include clean water services, following the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, raising awareness about the harmful effects of contaminants, making water filtration an important issue for consumers and enterprises across the U.S.
Gender-neutral personal care is on the rise as many consumers, especially younger ones, are rejecting traditionally gendered products in favor of nonbinary options.

▌sustainable consumer goods market is projected to reach $150 billion in sales by 2021 (U.S.) as the escalating climate crisis has prompted a growing consensus that consumers need to end their reliance on plastic.

▌The covid-19 vaccine will be likely to boost pharmaceutical stocks of vaccine makers like Pfizer (PFE) or Moderna (MRNA), but companies working on therapeutic drugs like Regeneron (REGN) will benefit, too.

▌Following the reopening of the global borders, pent-up demand for travel could drive airline stocks, hotels, and even cruise lines.

Europe is poised for a strong post-vaccine recovery. Its economy suffered a big hit from the pandemic, so can rebound from a low base. Europe is more exposed to global trade than the U.S. and will be a beneficiary of a recovery in Chinese demand.


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