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Amidst the pandemic, the crisis has built a fertile ground for startups in technology-rich spaces like telehealth, touchless payments, and remote working tools, who have never seen more demand. But that doesn’t mean that other businesses are doomed, even in sectors such as hospitality and food industry. Instead, entrepreneurs must harness the innovative spirit that drives the use of technology and adjust.

Recession-born businesses tend to be more productive and are grouped into industries that rely heavily on innovation. In the last financial crisis of 2008, society’s growing distrust of financial institutions led to startups like Venmo and Square. Today, Darragh expects to see innovations in a wide range of industries. For example, healthcare innovations will likely address both drug development and telehealth delivery. There will likely be new types of automation in manufacturing to allow for social distancing between employees. And, for supply chains, she anticipates more real-time monitoring, so companies can manage customer expectations in the event of disruptions.

All in all, for startup founders and businesses, the digital dimension of your work is likely to grow bigger. Part of our vision in KapVista, we aim to create a remotely connected ecosystem for our partners, clients, and connections to deliver the right insight and shine light on your opportunities on offer.

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