Artis Machina Limited

Headquarters Croft Lane, Temple Grafton, Alcester, UK
Stage Seed
Company Size 1-10 Employees

Artis Machina will produce high-performance, electric recreations of iconic classic cars. These bespoke, limited-edition vehicles will be sold directly to international high- and ultra-high-net-worth buyers through online channels. A maximum of three hundred (300) units of each model will be produced, at a £350,000 starting price, from facilities in Coventry, England. The business aims to complete development, and begin commercial production, of its first vehicle by July 2025.

Artis Machina presents a remarkable opportunity to enter a highly profitable and rapidly growing segment of the luxury car market without incurring substantial investment in production and sales infrastructure, with strong 9% compound annual market growth forecast over the next decade.

The business is seeking $150,000 in seed funding through the sale of one hundred (100) £1,500 shares, representing 9% of current equity. The pre-seed funding will enable completion of the detailed project study, confirm existing development and funding timeline estimates and prepare the business to begin vehicle development and marketing; it also provides a six-month runway to secure consortium funding for product development by July 2023.


Automotive electric vehicles Manufacturing Sustainability