Computed Future

Headquarters Austin, TX, USA
Stage Seed
Company Size 1-10 Employees

We all have had the experience of being able to predict obvious outcomes. For example, what will happen when you give a baby a spoon and a bowl of mushy food, talk politics at a large family dinner or even worse, leave all your technology unprotected?

Much of what we do daily is the result of discovering patterns of success. We figure out the attitudes, principles, and activities that predictably make us successful and then apply them.
Successful people are similar in how they became successful. The details might be different, but their paths are all similar. Cyber attackers are no different. They find out the tactics, strategies and attacks that work and then apply them to their targets. Just like successful individuals, the details of these successful attacks are different, however their paths share similarities.

Computed Future’s Predictable Security is trained on these attack paths and is able to predict the malicious intent of ongoing workloads within your cloud, on premise, or on your endpoints.