Headquarters Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA
Stage Seed
Company Size 1-10 Employees


We don’t compromise and neither should you! At HAPPYBOND we Focus on the whole health of your pet, Mind, Body and Play.
We create, co-create and curate nutritional products that are proven to increase the Healthspan of your best friend!

I’m Anja Skodda, a dog lover and biotech scientist specializing in cartilage tissue engineering. My dog Tony loved to skateboard, and when he couldn’t skate anymore, my heart broke. I had to use my research to help him! I developed our first groundbreaking product Happy Again a Collagen+ essential nutrient and within two weeks of taking it, Tony was playing and skating again!

Our dogs are not pets, they’re family. And we want to give them the best love and care that we can. That’s the promise we made when we brought them into our homes.
Dogs have more jobs than ever, they are pillows, therapists, counselors, family, bed mates, friends, alarm clocks and trainers, so let’s keep them healthy and happy for a lifetime!
Let’s return the favor and share the love.


Pet Wellness