Headquarters İstanbul, Türkiye
Stage Seed
Company Size 11-50 Employees

Hello Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors, we’re excited to pitch InvtAI.

InvtAI was co-founded in June 2022 by 1 Business Specialist and 2x AI Ph.D. and Tech founder and is a powerful AI Assistant designed to assist Business Owners, Community Management, and Investors powered by AI and a Collaborative Blockchain Ecosystem.

As an All-in-One AI assistant platform for businesses and individuals, it can help you with

– Time-consuming tasks like Market research and consultation
– Documentary stuff including Pitch Deck, Whitepaper, and Website
– Cost-effective solutions for Community management and Customer relationship management
– The token powers the validator nodes of InvtAI’s future decentralized AI data network and utilities through a Proof-of-Stake voting mechanism.

We launched our Beta in June 2023 and we achieved:

– DAU/MAU: 12% (DAU – 300, MAU – 2500, Total Users – 300k)
– Socials: 16.9k (Twitter/X), 47.7k (Telegram),
– Product installed in 352 Communities

Check the following References for more information:

– Pitch:
– Website:
– Twitter:
– Telegram:
– LinkedIn:
– Dataroom:

We are ready to take another big step today and hope to see you on our InvtAI platform.



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