it’s Yours

Headquarters Stirling, UK
Stage Pre Seed
Company Size 1-10 Employees

We are a data exchange company helping Data Owners control and boost their Personal data (we give them access to the data economy where they could earn thousands), while offering Data Buyers access to sought-after accurate and verified data. Our Value Exchange platform is unique as it stands in our industry, consisting of data exchange, surveys, and opinion polls. With further investment our next steps will see us develop our platform and create access to millions to data points (each with a value), grow EBITDA significantly on a global scale and develop our Value Algorithm IP which calculates the lifetime value of a person’s personal data. We will become positive disruptors in the industry solving huge problems with personal data now and for future generations to come. We have a strong team of founders across Brand, Market Research, Finance, and growth. And a powerful vision and strategy that aims to gain a significant market share in the UK, US and overseas.

Our Value Exchange Platform
The Platform is based on an easy to use, human centric design which encourages user interaction. A Data Owner subscribes to the platform, verifies who they are, simply answers a few pre-set questions, and can then view from their own dashboard, how much their data is worth. They can create exclusion lists for organisations they do not wish to exchange their data with.
The platform works on a points system (this works better with the consumer psyche). The more data questions the owner answers / takes part in surveys, the more points they gather, and the great earning power they have. They are rewarded for the exchange of their anonymised data as well as participating in research projects and opinion tracking through surveys and polls. They receive 100% of all data sold.
The platform intelligently matches Personal data to paid opportunities. It allows companies to access anonymised accurate data based on individuals subscribing to our platform who have given consent to sell.

– The Personal Data industry is valued at $260bn annually and projected to grow 4.3% until 2027.
– 45.4 million of 16 to 64 year olds go online daily in the UK
– 56% say they would sell their personal data for financial reward
– 63% of SME’s and 92% of large businesses buy personal data
– Tracking and cookies phasing out means 41% of market researchers believe their biggest challenge is to track the correct data
– Data regulations in most western countries opens new opportunities for those who are able to create the most valued services.
– Our market opportunity (SOM) in the UK alone is £38m based on the 6 specific industries we are initially targeting.

Problems we are trying to solve:
– Personal Data is traded without our consent, we have no control.
– Companies profit from our valuable data (big marketing, tech companies).
– A multi-billion-dollar industry built on manipulation.
– False and inaccurate data – does not help products, services, or society.
– Broader social issues as such as influencing democracy, misinformation and creating echo chambers.
Although it may not have been the intention to create toxic business models, the monetisation of personal data has led to all sorts of unintended and problematic consequences: By focusing on our purpose, we will create a quality and effective proposition for data buyers, owners and a long-term growth proposition for investors looking for a return with social impact

Our team
As founders we have expertise within market research, brand development, maximising value, and revenue. Steven Clark has worked for 25 years as an FD, advising various boards across many industries. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly and know what works and what doesn’t. He has a strong drive and commitment to make it’s Yours a global success and will help set the vision and strategy of the company and ensure this is executed across all levels. Stephen Fitzpatrick has a background in Design, marketing and data analysis working with multi national companies.
As our CPO he will oversee the development and evolution of our platform ensuring our technical requirements align with our company vision. Terry Donegan is an expert in Market research and psychology and a proven entrenpenour within software development and marketing. He will advise the company on a chairman basis.

Our business is aligned to data points (a data point is a segment of data that relates to an individuals’ specific piece of identifiable information and can be measured or represented by a value. For example, spending habits, heath data, credit card, utility contract). The more access to data points we can accrue, the greater good we can do in the industry and the higher revenue we can generate. An example is: with a modest 5,000 subscribers each with 700 points per person, our platform would have 3,500,000 data points, each with a value giving a platform value of circa £455,000 before we start selling to clients. Imagine selling 10% of our data points to 10 clients monthly …. the Data owners would receive £455,000 (in tough times that would be very welcome) while it’s Yours charge the data buyers (our clients) a 10% fee and our income would be £45,500 per month.
Our pricing model is based on a prudent matrix. We don’t need a lot of subscribers to create high growth, rather we focus on developing access to data points and using our staff resource to find buyers for them. Our pricing model is also flexible and future proofed against further movement within the industry.

Year 1 (UK only)
12,000 subscribers
8,400,000 data points

Year 2 (UK & US)
30,000 subscribers
25,500,000 data points
EBITDA £5.1m

Year 3 (UK, US, Europe)
50,000 subscribers
52,500,000 data points

As far as we can see, no other competitors (emerging or established) offer what our platform can do in its current form. And with further development we are confident we can quickly gain traction and grab a significant share of the market. There are massive competitors in our industry such as Acxiom who generate $1b turnover with 3000 data points on each person. But its not clear how much the ordinary person – the data owner earns from their activities. And some emerging competitors have a compelling brand story and have attracted investment – yet they are essentially an ad blocker and what happens to their model when cookies and tracking are phased out? Or a Boston based start up who have a similar strapline to it’s Yours (control your data and be rewarded), yet do not talk about how accurate data would benefit clients in the US.
In general, not many competitors talk about the value of accurate data to their clients, and those who do, have too much of a corporate feel and forget to talk or offer benefits to the Data Owner. We do both with a compelling brand story, offering market leading rewards and unprecedented access to accurate data in one location. We grant consumers access to the data economy and they earn 100% of all data sold … we are the conduit that makes this happen!
The encouraging thing for us is that all the emerging start ups we have evaluated in our industry have all had some form of investment. There is a movement happening in the industry and market leading position is literally up for grabs.
(full competitor analysis is available via our business and marketing plans)

We currently seek investment of £1,088,000 to help us further develop our platform over a 14 month runway. We will use this investment to:
Build our Linked Data Services Feature that links to online streaming and social accounts – Netflix, Twitter, Google etc. and would give us access millions of data points. Within these platforms is a vast untapped resource of rich data that is currently held in isolation spread across many accounts. From our knowledge of this market, we can offer solutions that empower individuals to gain a better understanding of the type, depth and value of their data held by organisations and provide the opportunity to maximise the value of this data.
It would also allow us hire key resource across Development, Client Services, Marketing, and support as well a building apps, build our Value Algorithm, legal support and of course help co-ordinate intensive marketing campaigns.

For this investment we are committed to giving up equity of 18%, but of course we are well prepared for negotiation.

We are both EIS and SEIS assured.

While we are realistic when it comes to pre money valuation of our company, I have based ours on several assumptions:
– projected revenues
– ROI which is achieved by month 36.
– The Valuations of our emerging competitors – Boston start up are valued at $10m and although they have equity crowdfunded, they are still pre-revenue.
– Based purely on EBITDA the value of our business could exceed £100m by year 3.
However, we must also consider the user value in our platform going forward. A person’s data in our platform will start with a value of £21 – our aim is to get that to £100 per person by year 3 by optimizing the value of their data (introducing new data sets, industries, avenues for them to earn). We must also consider the IP value attached to our value algorithm – where we can calculate the lifetime value of someone’s’ personal data.

Clearly a market leading position is up for grabs, we have a strong market opportunity (SOM) both in the UK & US and by year 3 we are aiming for a 30% market share,.

Current Funding Round



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