Headquarters Richardson, Texas
Stage Seed
Company Size 1-10 Employees

Like a symphony with its musicians and instruments, the Maestro is a single platform that orchestrates all your business solutions to harmoniously work together. Maestro connects your front end applications like your POS, CRM, inventory, and asset management software, event management(monitoring), social media …to your back end management systems like ERP, HR, accounting, payroll, and providing you with both operational and financial visibility at your fingertips!

Using the data and information gathered, Maestro can improve profitability by at least 15% through higher efficiency across the organization, customized business analytics, near real-time updates, enhanced performance, in-depth business insights, and deeper visibility into the health of the business.

Maestro solves the challenges encountered by business owners dealing with a multitude of business systems. Maestro is uniquely positioned to be impactful across different vertical markets, such as the franchise industry, healthcare, real estate, pharmacy, manufacturing, and many others.