Plaetos Group

Headquarters Melbourne VIC, Australia
Stage Seed
Company Size 1-10 Employees

Plaetos is a B2B SaaS company building employee listening solutions for large enterprises.

The big vision that propels us is that good leaders are good listeners, but that they’re relying on old tools – like workforce survey – for knowing what’s happening for their people on issues that are far too complex for metric data tools alone.

Our AI-powered PlaetosEQ employee listening platform uncovers rich employee insights – gaps in cultural alignment and why they exist, why employees might leave, their real experience of DE&I, well-being etc – without having to pester them with relentless surveys. Our niche is rich, qualitative insight to drive better organizational performance.

PlaetosEQ extracts insights from the growing mass of existing enterprise text data (e.g. Slack, Teams chat), analyzes it for emotion and meaning and presents it to leaders so they can transform their corporate culture faster.

Companies are under increasing scrutiny in both social media and share markets to show concrete plans for improving the Social and Governance performance (ESG). The top quartile companies have proven the link between social performance and profitability. PlaetosEQ gives them the social data they need to get that market recognition and the access to capital that comes with it.