Startup Falcon, Inc.

Headquarters San Francisco, CA, USA
Stage Seed
Company Size 11-50 Employees

Startup Falcon is a valuation calculator tool for early stage startups.

Using our valuation calculator is more reliable and less time consuming than using traditional valuation methods.

Our AI-Powered tool is based on globally recognized startup valuation methods that were devised by investors to get valuations for early stage startups.

Our qualitative valuation methods:
1- Scorecard Valuation Method.
2- Checklist Valuation Method (Berkus Method)
3- Risk Mitigation Valuation Method.
4- Step-up Valuation Method.

In comparison to the old ways of early-stage startup valuation that depended on valuation excel templates, discounted cash flow, and valuation spreadsheets, Startup Falcon’s valuation calculator automates the pre-money valuation calculations by quantifying the qualitative aspects of the startups to arrive at a more reliable startup valuation that is going to be taken seriously by VCs, investors, incubators and accelerators.