The Epicurean Collective | WINE REWARDS

Headquarters Collingwood VIC, Australia
Stage Seed
Company Size 1-10 Employees

We are a transferrable loyalty and rewards platform/APP which leverages Australian winery & tourism related business and engages the consumer through incentivising them, engaging them in their actual interests and offering an easy and efficient way to discover businesses and experiences within Australian wine regions.

Having spent the past 16months visiting all wine regions in Australia, we have successfully signed up over 270 businesses to the platform, and that is before we have even finished building it… this just goes to show the power of the demand for this product, how it resonates with the industries and that the businesses are happy to pay for it.

There is no company similar to what we do however the easiest reference would be by taking the best parts of some famous businesses and presenting those in a focused business about wine and loyalty.

We also posses value added integrations into other sectors of regional tourism to build the long term viability of the WINE REWARDS ™ platform.

Think of it a single marketplace for all consumers to access the largest network of Australian wine + related businesses.

This is the first flexible and fully transferable wine + related business platform of its kind in the world.

A platform where wineries can sell more wine directly, and consumers have freedom of choice.

A platform that listens to both sides of the equation and innovates to make it easier for wine transactions to flow.

A marketplace focusing on loyalty first, rewarding consumers for their patronage.