Headquarters Austin, TX
Stage Seed
Company Size 1-10 Employees

WingTips is the Demand Management solution that drives scale for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). This new air service potentially connects thousands of unserved communities through affordable short distance flights (<300 miles), serving almost 250,000 passengers per day in the US, 90 million a year! Introduction of electric aircraft over the next few years will make the service price comparable to driving. To get there, a platform that incorporates a multidisciplinary solution is needed. Without a WingTips platform it is likely that electric aircraft replace existing aircraft on the same routes, losing the social benefits of AAM. The WingTips founding team has decades experience in advanced aviation operations. The MVP released in 2021 proved the existence of the market. Version 2 introduces advanced design elements for scale. A Go To Market Plan focuses on managing the risk associated with airline service. This Seed round carries the company for over two years and we are able to demonstrate quarterly cash flow. A SaaS business model with tight integration with our charter partners leads to very effective operations to meet passengers needs and operators revenue and margin targets.


Artificial Intelligence Big Data Mobility Saas Traveltech