Cadenza Innovation

Headquarters Danbury, CT, USA
Stage Series B
Company Size 11-50 Employees

Cadenza Innovation, Inc., based in Connecticut, was founded in 2012 by Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, founder and former CEO of Boston-Power, and one of the pre-eminent battery experts in the world. Christina has once again assembled a world-class team, many of whom had key leadership roles at Boston-Power, with a ground-breaking battery pack architecture and global Tier 1 partners.

Cadenza Innovation (originally named CLOTEAM) is poised to become a world leader in battery architecture, performance and safety, with a mission to solve big problems through innovation in technology.

Our company’s mission is to deploy our innovation, intellectual property, field-proven operational and mass production expertise, along with our key technology partners to build Cadenza Innovation into a global technology leader in energy density, lowest cost, and safety. Cadenza Innovation is licensing its technology to allow immediate access to its highly simplified design for large lithium-ion energy storage systems.

Cadenza’s unique cell design combines the best properties from wound jelly rolls and large prismatic cells and allows for game-changing high energy density at low cost for EV, PHEV and grid markets.

What’s in a Name?

The word “cadenza” comes from the world of music and refers to a moment in a piece when a musician within the ensemble is allowed some freedom of expression and artistry in the work.
We recognize that every member of the Cadenza Innovation ensemble has a unique perspective and we want to hear it. Our goal is to combine creativity with deep industry knowledge to drive innovative solutions into global energy markets. We are delighted to include many high-powered “guest soloists” and “conductors” into our expanding band.

Cadenza Innovation is not just a name – it’s an expression of the culture underpinning our company.