Fox Drones

Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Stage Seed
Company Size 1-10 Employees

Fox Drones is a drone manufacturing company with the main goal of aiding drone deliveries in the coming years. Our Vision in divided into three phases: First we shall start with designing, manufacturing and selling sub 250g drones to hobbyists. Research and design will take between three to six months starting August and my goal is to get into production by December and sell 20,000 units or more over the year 2022. The next phase will be to design and manufacture a commercial drone to be used in film making, farm survey, mining site surveying and even military use. Research and Design for the Commercial drone will take place over the first half of 2022 and manufacturing will start by July with a goal of selling 100,000 units from start of manufacturing to end of 2023. By this point we will have grown our team, technology and brand and then we shall enter the third phase where we will start providing delivery services with our drones. Initially we will set up in rural areas to empower communities with the convenience of timely deliveries as we improve our systems and begin adopting the same in Urban communities.